Leg Day

Today was the ride to Ronda, relatively short but with a mountain to climb through amazingly scenic hillside villages.

Wasn’t super steep, so we got in a rhythm and got to the top. It hurt the worst after we had to much to eat at lunch. I tried the “callos”, an Andalucian tripe stew that was good and hearty.

Checked into our campground, showered, setup tent, and then walked the 2km to Ronda, where we met up with an old friend of mine who used to be a Palm developer back in the day. He and his business partner moved to Spain, and they joined us to show us around Ronda and have some beers and catch up.

Off to bed, lots of sight seeing to do tomorrow, as we ride through Ronda again and then El Chorro to Antequera.

6 Replies to “Leg Day”

  1. oh my gosh, those pictures look just like one on my screensaver … I’ve been wondering where it was taken!

    love following your adventures, reading your posts and seeing your pics ….

    be safe and have fun!

  2. Hi Tim ,
    I’ve done the ride down from Ronda to Marbella …….insane and enjoy …please note the A7 on the Costa del Sol holds the title of the most dangerous road for crashes in Europe …take care and love your news …you seem to be doing big miles ( thats kilometres everywhere but US and UK)
    Nigel from OZ

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