Bird shit in the country

I hope every day will be like today…

It started off a bit rough with a 350m climb up to a field of wind turbines with side winds so fierce we had to walk a few km of it, after being literally blown off the road a couple of times. But after that we spent most of the day riding through farmland in mostly sunny comfortable weather.

Lunch was a tuna fish sandwich with manchego cheese that we made from a supermarket and ate on the side of the road to the bemusement of a few people walking by.

We were really enjoying a section of dedicated bike lane through the country when suddenly the air was filled with white spray from a bird above us. I (Tim) ended up with the bulk of it on me. I guess it was bound to happen eventually, only the second time in my life. Blech!

The rest of the ride was enjoyable, even knowing that tomorrow’s ride to Ronda is 3 times as much climbing. We passed through Los Angeles (not that one), and climbed up to our hillside home for the evening at a lovely RV park sandwiched between pastures of sheep and cows. The campground has an on site restaurant. We were the only guests except for a few locals at the bar. Our waitress spoke only a few words of English, and we had a really fun time laughing and all trying to speak each other’s language. The food was delicious home-style cooked Spanish food; we just ordered whatever she recommended – a salad, a tasty chicken and potato dish, and a tart for dessert. Halfway through dinner, the owner spent 20 minutes figuring out how to evict two birds from inside, which we applauded.

In parts of Spain it’s been difficult to get a smile out of strangers, but in this area, we’ve encountered a lot of super friendly and welcoming people!

Everywhere seems to have a non-alcoholic beer for Steve!


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    1. No Bueno. I provided the napkins for him to wipe off and almost threw up when I had to wipe it off his helmet. ?

  1. Great photos, guys! The uphill climb to Ronda is well worth it, grab some torrijas at the local bakery to help fuel you along the way 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip. It’s 60km today and 5000 ft of climbing. Ugggghhhh. But we are ready we think.

  2. Can’t tell you enough how much these pictures you share and the scenes you paint with your words mean to those of us here in the states. Daughter Chantelle came to visit a little today and she got a real kick out of them. Said tell Steve hi.. amazed at the adventure you are on. Keep spreading the love…all over the world!!

    1. Thanks Joe. Tell Chantelle I said hello as well. We will keep on pedaling and spreading the LOVE

  3. Great photos y’all !!! When y’all make it to Germany drop me a line will be more than happy to help in what I can …. keep on rolling and having fun

  4. Wow, love reading your blogs and the photos are getting AMAZING and Beautiful!!! I can’t thank you enough for including us in this incredible journey… Look at all the “unexpected” gems you two are experiencing… both Good, Bad, seen Ugly yet??? 🙂 Thank you for the amazing photos, I’m “collecting” a collage and using them as my background wall screen here at work! Blessings and Love as you continue to journey onward!

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