Cycling Serbia

Serbia was not on our original route plan until sometime in September, but because of our side trip to Zagreb, we decided to take the opportunity to visit the somewhat nearby cities of Novi Sad and Belgrade. It’s been a great experience and even though we leave Belgrade today headed towards Sarajevo and back to the Croatian coast, we’d both like to return here. Here are a few things we’ve loved… (Sorry these are a bit out of order, the WordPress app chose a strange order for my photos and doesn’t make reordering them easy.)

The scenery: here is the confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers, a geographical trait that makes Belgrade distinct amongst major cities.

The diversity in the cities of the architectural styles and street art.

Novi Sad is known for its music festival; this year the Killers (a band I like from Las Vegas) is headlining in a few weeks.

More street art in Belgrade:

Ice cream rolls! I first tried these amazing things in Thailand, and apparently they have them in Belgrade too.

Sending some post cards!

Apartment buildings in Novi Sad:

Oldest mosque in Belgrade from 1575:

I ordered “French toast”, and this is what I got. It was really good but I think a bad translation!

The best cevapci we’ve had so far, yum! We went back twice.

More apartment buildings in Novi Sad. You can rent some of these units for 130€/month for a one bedroom flat.

We mostly followed the Danube River in Serbia so far, and there’s a EuroVelo route here, so we ran into probably a dozen other cycle tourists, which was a great treat, having seen relatively few other cycle tourists recently. Hung out for one day in Belgrade with two fun German guys who we’d meet at a road-side fruit seller outside Novi Sad. Was fun to share some meals and beers with them (and some rakija!).

These were painted all over Belgrade, but I’ve yet to see any vegan options on any menus.

Interesting hotel in Belgrade:

Incredible baklava:

We ran into this wine festival in Novi Sad and I had a great time wine tasting and ended up buying a big bottle of rakija that I then carried 100km on my bike to Belgrade! Worth it, but it won’t make it further than Belgrade.

Orthodox Church in Belgrade:

Food porn burger at a porn-themed restaurant… Other photos are NSFW…

Tesla transformer at the Nikolai Tesla museum in Belgrade:

Okay and now we head towards Sarajevo. Today will be our longest ride yet, 169km. Time to get ready, see you soon!

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  1. Love reading about all your travels. The pictures are out of this world – – awesome!

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