We are cave men

After yesterday’s arduous day, today’s riding was a gift! We took our time and said good bye to our lovely AirBNB host and had coffee in Baza before heading out under beautiful mostly sunny skies. Mornings have been a bit chilly, and this morning was down to 6°C, so we were bundled up until around 1:00 when it warmed up, eventually getting to 20°-ish.

We had no gravel, all very well-paved road with little traffic and nice shoulders.

This area is known for its caves. Apparently people have lived in caves here for generations, because the caves give natural air conditioning to get away from the summer heat and stay warm in the winter cold. Meanwhile, they could farm the land around them.

We happened upon an AirBNB in one of these cave homes, so that’s where we’re staying tonight. It’s been renovated by two hard-working women and made into well-appointed and spacious “eco cave” guest houses, run completely off of solar power.

The apartment has a kitchenette, so we picked up groceries at the nearby town of Orce, at a small grocer. The proprietor was a sweet and friendly woman who greeted us with a smile and helped us find our ingredients for a pasta dinner. I’m really looking forward to cooking tonight! I miss cooking at home, and we rarely have had a place we can make anything except sandwiches.

We took a wonderful siesta in the lounge chairs and have been enjoying some relaxation.

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