Random goodness

I spent a few hours on my phone this morning trying to figure out where we are staying the next week or so. One of my requests went out to a bicycle mechanic in Murcia to stay Friday night.

It turns out, there’s a gathering of bicycle tourists starting a 9-day bicycle tour in Murcia, and the kick-off party is Friday night! Not only that, but the fellow I contacted is involved with the event, and he was able to get us permission to stay with the 300+ cyclists Friday night, sleeping in a sports complex in Murcia!

We are really looking forward to meeting other like-minded cyclists!! Unfortunately, the tour itself is sold out, so they don’t have space for us to sleep, but we may follow them along for a couple of days, and find our own accommodations nearby their space.

Meanwhile, we’ve had a very relaxing day exploring Granada and preparing for our upcoming rides. The free tapas is really fun here. Every time you order a drink somewhere, you get a free tapas! Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes they even give you a menu to order your free tapas from! It’s like a fun game, going from one bar to the next, ordering a beer or Coca Cola, and seeing what they bring you.

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  1. Awesome, guys!! What luck and fun to hook up with such a large group of cyclists! Have fun! xoxoxox

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