El Toro, rain, and the ibérico experience

We have been so blessed with tailwinds almost every day but today really took the cake!

Our generous WarmShowers host cooked us probably the best fried eggs ever, over-medium and lightly salted from her 10 hens who roam free on many acres of land. It was really sweet of her to ask what we usually had for breakfast and when she heard we hadn’t had our usual fried eggs in weeks, she pulled out a frying pan and whipped some up.

We finished our 100km ride in record time, under 4 hours, thanks to some stiff tailwinds through endless farmland and orange tree groves. Along the way, a friendly bull cheered us along.

It didn’t start raining until after we arrived in Seville, while we started munching on some amazing tapas at a local place our hostel recommended. We tried ibérico ham for the first time in our lives, and I’m not sure I’ll ever appreciate ham again… OMG!

Our pension (a kind of hostel) is super cute, and our room is the last on the open-air hallway on the roof of the place, next to the outdoor lounge area with views of neighboring downtown buildings. We added an extra day stay so that we can take the train out to Cordoba Friday. So two rest days in Seville and Cordoba!

But before we have any fun, we must do our stinky laundry. It’s been over a week…

Tonight we will explore a bit after the rain ends, and tomorrow we find a free tour in the morning and continue wandering afterwards. It is taking us some adjustment for meal times; here in Spain, they typically eat lunch 2-4pm and dinner after 9pm, much later than Portugal!

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