We Have a Logo!

Huge thanks to our amazing friend, AIDS/LifeCycle teammate, and graphic artist, David Lowe, for helping us design this awesome logo, which perfectly captures our jaunt across the globe.

Everyone asks about the solar panels we have mounted on our backpacks, so I love how it’s featured in the logo! The palm trees and waves remind us of our home in San Diego as well as depict the mostly-coastal route we are planning to ride over the next two years.

We are printing a bunch of these stickers and are looking forward to handing them out to folks we meet along the way!

5 Replies to “We Have a Logo!”

      1. Love the LOGO…Really look forward to reading about your adventures while you are gone. Wish I would have taken off on an adventure like that when I was young.
        You two be careful and have fun. We only go around once. Blessings to you both.

        1. Thank You Joe. You’ve always been one of my biggest fans and great a great friend to our family. Great memories.

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