Test Ride #1 Day 1: San Diego to South Carlsbad State Beach

Left around 10:30 this morning taking familiar roads. The bikes are riding excellently fully loaded. Absolutely no issues at all. Very impressed with the Specialized bags and bikes for touring. Very quick to load and unload gear and rock solid. Bikes handled well with all the weight. It’s nice having a little wiggle room to grow into in my bags, though I hope I don’t get lazy and fill them with stuff I don’t need…

Stopped at Coffee Cycle and chatted with the awesome owner of this custom built espresso bike cart about touring and bike camping. Phenomenal coffee and cappuccino and a fascinating dude. Had a nice lunch at Board & Brew in Del Mar.

New ZPacks two-person tent was incredibly simple to setup; it can be staked or setup freestanding. We choose freestanding because of the hard packed dirt ground here. I spent 5 minutes looking for some rings I dropped but otherwise it was up in 5 minutes. It’s very cozy inside; it will take us some getting used to after having our own space. 

Quick takeout dinner at Pollo Loco across the street while watching the sunset over the Pacific. Gorgeous day. Hoping to see the lunar eclipse tonight around 10:30pm!

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  1. Great day and it feels like we’re touring again. I love camping and knowing we have everything we need brought on our bikes one pedal stroke after another.

  2. Nice pics…and enjoyed knowing you both like the bikes and packs. Thanks for keeping us in touch. Made me grin back at you when I saw your faces lit. 🙂

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